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Coordinates: 45°24′34″N 75°43′19″W / 45.40944°N 75.72194°W / 45.40944; -75.72194
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Bayview station entrance to Line 1 eastbound
General information
Coordinates45°24′34″N 75°43′19″W / 45.40944°N 75.72194°W / 45.40944; -75.72194
Tracks3 (+1 under construction)
Bicycle facilitiesYes
  • October 15, 2001 (Line 2)
  • September 14, 2019 (Line 1)
Rebuilt2020–2024 (Line 2)
Preceding station OC Transpo Following station
Tunney's Pasture
Line 1 Pimisi
toward Blair
Future services
Preceding station OC Transpo Following station
Terminus Line 2
Reopens 2024
Corso Italia
toward Limebank

Bayview is an O-Train interchange station in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, connecting the Confederation Line (Line 1) and Trillium Line (Line 2).


The station opened on October 15, 2001. It was built as an infill station between Tunney's Pasture and LeBreton (now Pimisi), with a pair of elevated bus platforms at the western end of Albert Street. Beneath it was the first O-Train station, the northern terminus of the Trillium Line, located on a stub-end track branching off from the railway line.[1] Paved asphalt footpaths connected the two stops on opposite sides of the Transitway and the train platform.

On January 17, 2016, the transitway platforms closed for conversion to light rail, with all buses diverting via Albert Street. The station reopened on September 14, 2019, as an intermediate stop on the first phase of the Confederation Line, making Bayview an important rapid transit transfer point.[2][3]

On September 16, 2017, the eastbound bus stop of Bayview Station was moved 300m west to facilitate the construction of the Trinity Development at 900 Albert Street.[4]

Platforms and pedestrian bridge at Bayview, built during Stage 2 construction

During the reconstruction of the station, the original Line 2 O-Train station was closed and a new platform was constructed to the north, underneath the Line 1 station.

During the Stage 2 south expansion, the original Line 2 platform was extended to accommodate the longer trains that would be used on the line, and a second platform was added for operational flexibility. A pedestrian bridge was also constructed from east to west over the Line 2 platforms, intended to connect with the future development at 900 Albert.


The station, named for the nearby Bayview Road (now Bayview Station Road), is close to Tom Brown Arena. It is intended as a catalyst for large redevelopment including condos, hotels and the city's future tallest office and residential tower at 900 Albert. Plans also exist for converting a 1940s warehouse into a film studio and build an attached 15 storey "innovation hub".[citation needed]


The Confederation Line station is an elevated side platform station. A ticket barrier at platform level on the south (eastbound) platform provides access to Albert Street. Under the station, a concourse connects the two platforms with the single Trillium Line platform, and also contains a ticket barrier giving access to a footpath connecting the built-up area south of the station with the greenspace to its north.[5] As part of the Stage 2 Trillium Line expansion, the existing Line 2 platform will be extended to accommodate longer trains. A second track and platform will also be built to the east of the existing tracks.[6]

The station features two artworks: Cascades by Pierre Poussin, a set of two large sculptures located in the greenspace surrounding the station, and As the Crow Flies by Adrian Göllner, a linear sculpture running atop the barrier between the two tracks on the Confederation Line platform level.[5]


The following routes serve Bayview as of October 25, 2023. Bus stops at Bayview are located outside of the O-Train fare-paid zone.[7]

 E1  Shuttle Express
 R1   R2   R4  O-Train replacement bus routes
 98   39  Rapid routes
 N75  Night routes
 40   11  Frequent routes
 55   162  Local routes
 284  Connexion routes
 405  300s: Shopper routes
400s: Event routes
600s: School routes
Additional info:
Stop Routes
O-Train (west)
O-Train (east)
A (Albert St. West)  R1   2   16   N57   61   N61   63   66   75   N75 
B (Albert St. East)  R1   2   16   N57   61   N61   63   66   75   N75 
  • After the completion of Line 2 construction and revenue service begins, bus routes 11 and 12, as well as new route 13 will serve Bayview



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