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The New Games Book (1976)

The New Games Book and its companion, More New Games, were resources developed for the "New Games" movement which began in the late 1960s to encourage people to play non-competitive or friendlier games. Many of the "New Games" may now be seen played, in their modern variants, in church youth groups, summer camps, gym classes, theatre workshops and as team-building exercises for organizations.

The New Games movement was initiated by Rose (Pat) Farrington,[citation needed] who helped to organize the first "New Games Tournament" at Gerbode Preserve in October 1973. The Tournament was funded by The Point Foundation.

The success of this tournament led to the creation of the New Games Foundation which published The New Games Book in 1976 when the Foundation was under the direction of Bernie DeKoven, Burton Naiditch and John O'Connell. DeKoven was one of the main contributors to the development of the New Games Training program which was key to the dissemination of the New Games concept worldwide. The Foundation ended in 1983.

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